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We have many totally GREEN products to offer.  Here are some GREEN facts for you:

Homeowners can save a lot of money on energy bills by using energy efficient products. The following shows how energy escapes from the home and provides viable solutions to help prevent energy loss and lower energy bills.


21% of all energy consumed in the United States is from our homes

47% of the energy used in the home is for space heating (heating of the home)

24% is from lighting and appliances

Energy costs are rising (the Energy Information Administration estimates the price of Natural Gas will increase by 14% in 2009, nearly 4 times the estimated increase of Gasoline).

Food For Thought:

According to Home Energy Saver developed by the Environmental Energy Technologies Divsion at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory you could save $682 per year with an energy efficient home. That is more than $20,000 over 30 years. If you invested the extra monthly savings at 6% annual return you would have $57,000 and that is not even considering increased energy costs.